English Walnut - Facial Buffer

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A combination of bamboo, clay and walnut ground

Light up the world with a radiant glow

Hello Aloe facial buffer is an exquisite skin treat for glowing, radiant skin. Formulated with walnut, cherry kernel, cocoa butter, coffee extract & bamboo for gentle exfoliation with organic aromatic of rose petal, juniper berries & frankincense.

Removes impurities and helps to keep pores clean.

Gentle detox for the skin, leaving it glowing and soft without stripping the skin's natural oils. 

USE: Apply to wet skin or in palm of hand with a little water to create creamy emulsion before applying to face

THIS SCRUB MUST BE KEPT DRY. Scoop out with a dry finger or spatula. DO NOT GET WET as we do not combine synthetic preservatives into our products.

Coffee extract and bamboo promote a smooth, soft texture and creates a rich exfoliant that replenishes minerals, stimulates and removes impurities. This revitalizing treatment leaves skin polished, flawless and restored.


4 month shelf life