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Lulu Patchouli Body Scrub (30ml)

Rich in skin-boosting ingredients to help your skin look its best. Enriched with fruit enzymes, pink Himalayan salt, and Jamaican castor oil, this scrub reveals beautifully smooth, radiant skin.

Multipurpose Balm (30ml)

One balm for all. A deeply nourishing multi purpose butter balm. Rich in vitamins E, F and retinol and is deeply replenishing and anti aging

Black Coffee Buffer (30ml)

A natural blend of premium ingredients to boost skin renewal and remove dead skin cells. Get ready for soft, glowing skin. 

Aloe Mint Clay Cleanser (30ml)

Clay cleansing is especially helpful for itchy, sensitive, inflamed skin conditions and summer heat rashes. Also, can be used as a complexion cleanser.

Mangifera butter (30ml)

Perfect for dry skin areas, pigmentation and scared skin. Rich jojoba and buriti regenerate skin at the cellular levels and carry antioxidant qualities that provide protection from the damaging effects of pollution and UV rays.

Mitti Mud (30ml)

Mutti mud is a pore minimising mask & cleanser for pore unclogging and cleansing pores.

Otto Oil (2ml)

The strong antioxidants properties in the buriti fruit and annatto seed treat ageing and sun damaged skin and fight against damage from free radicals.

Golden Root Oil (2ml)

Containing properties that contribute to a natural glow and blemish free skin. 

Full of antioxidants and anti inflammatory components that will help repair and restore and decrease the appearance of hyper pigmentation.

Evergreen Oil (2ml)

Lightweight, calming hypertensive blend. Offering stimulating, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Loaded with vitamin e from neem seeds and pure flower and plant essences.

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