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Aloe Herbal - Collagen Boost Oil

Aloe Herbal - Collagen Boost Oil

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Potently infused with plants known to restore, protect and boost our own collagen receptors. It's earthy, floral, woody and calming. Restoring one’s connections to her/his roots.

p u r e l y  h e r b a l

This incredible purely herbal oil formula contains the deeply rejuvenated and antioxidant powers of chamomile, comfrey, nettle leaf and the mineralizing power of nettle. This is a botanically dense and luxurious oil made entirely of plant-based goodness.

TARGETS: Pigmentation - dark spots - fine lines

USE: With gentle circular motions move the oil across the skin allowing it to absorb. Use upwards motion on the neck area. Ideally use before sleep. It can also be used under makeup for a dewy look.

INGREDIENTS: Calendula officinalis, Comfrey herb, Nettle leaf, Organic Aloe Vera leaf, Moringa, Chamomile flower, Organic Grapeseed oil, He Shou Wu, Baobab oil and secret botanical fusion 

STORAGE: Refrigeration is key for HELLO ALOE raw beauty products. Designed only with pure natural ingredients. Products should avoid light, water and sun. 

Hello Aloe products are 100% NATURAL and do not contain any chemical preservatives-  refrigeration ensures products are safe from any fluctuations in temperature.


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