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Aloe Carrot - Face & Body Cleansing Bar

Aloe Carrot - Face & Body Cleansing Bar

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Made with Organic aloe vera and carrot seed. Created to enhance skin texture, heal and calm dry, irritated skin. Naturally enriched with natural vitamin E and potassium, encouraging healthy hair growth while also preventing hair loss.

The only thing cooler and fresher than showering with Hello Aloe Cleansing beautifully bars would be taking a birthday suit dip in a natural spring surrounded by nothing but snow-capped mountains and sunshine (which we recommend).

This restorative and soothing bar ensures a deep clean that won't dry you out. The wonderfully classic scent will certainly prompt you to say, 'Aloe there,' every time you step into your shower.

Each of my loaves will be precut to 1" bars and then the entire loaf is wrapped to make packaging our soaps with your custom label quick and simple.

If you prefer, you can purchase an entire loaf or larger quantities of 6, 12 or 24 bars for discounted price.

INGREDIENTS; aloe vera, filtered spring water, unrefined coconut oil, carrot seed oil, unrefined mango butter, sodium hydroxide, Jamaican Castor oil, annatto seed, citric acid, avocado oil, rose floral extract

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