Perfume Oil Set

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Perfect for those who don’t always feel like walking around in a cloud of what’s clearly an identifiable alcohol based perfume.

This Set Includes;

Wanderlust X 10 ml 

Bursting sunny floral character

Wanderlust beautiful combines orange blossom flower, lime zest, ylang-ylang, rose petal flower and bright botanicals to create a light, refreshing and stunning long-lasting fragrance.

Dream X 10 ml

Fragrant lavender kissed with soft notes of vanilla, fresh vanilla pod, lavender flower and clay sage make up this perfume oil. Aromatic edge is made from classic musks and little patchouli flower.

New World X 10ml 

A bold oud and floral oriental scent adored by both sexes- those who know what they want out of life and like a deep, musky scent.This perfume oil is your go-to choice for cooler weather and the autumn/winter season.