Oatmeal Olive Oil

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The purpose of Hello Aloe baby oil is to keep the skin soft and supple. Maintaining "baby-soft" skin made pure and simple. Suitable from birth, it contains gentle nurturing oils to protect the skin's natural barrier. It can be gently rubbed into baby's skin for a lovely bonding massage. Add a few drops to water for a soothing bath and it will help with irritable dry skin.

Replenish sensitive newborn skin with these rich moisture drops, featuring nourishing sunflower oil for brilliant hydration with 6000 bio-active compounds. The luxurious light oil glides over skin for that healing touch, providing revitalizing moisture and skin-loving aminos that melt into skin for a smooth, glowy finish.

INGREDIENTS: Sativa Oat Oil , olea europaea (olive oil), helianthus annus (sunflower oil), Punica granatum linn (Pomegranate fruit) seed oil, Coconut - Extra Virgin Cold Pressed