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Aloe Vera Juice - COMING SOON

Aloe Vera Juice - COMING SOON

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Aloe vera is known for being one of the best ways to soothe a sunburn.But that’s not aloe’s only superpower. “Aloe is an unassuming plant". 

Believe it or not, drinking aloe vera juice is one of the best ways to reap health benefits from the plant. Aloe vera juice first and foremost contains antioxidants, or substances that help reduce your chances of developing conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Regular juices aren’t always healthy. Not all of them have a high percentage of real fruit in them, for starters. Many also have added sugar — and lots of it.

Aloe vera juice, is a healthy option. You can drink it on its own, or you can put it in your smoothies. Your choice :)

Helps clear up skin

It may seem counterintuitive, but you often develop acne because you’re dehydrated. As a result, your skin produces more oil, which leads to acne breakouts. 

Relieves constipation

If you’re constipated, good news. Aloe vera juice’s texture can affect the consistency of your poop, specifically by making it softer.

Reduces heartburn

Heartburn occurs when acid in your stomach travels up into your esophagus. Aloe vera juice can alleviate some of the acid in your stomach that brings on heartburn.

Maintain eye health

Aloe vera juice is packed full of beta carotene, an antioxidant typically found in orange and yellow vegetables and fruits. Your body converts beta carotene to vitamin A, a vitamin linked to overall eye health.

Boost your intake of certain vitamins and minerals

Aloe vera juice contains vitamin C — a versatile vitamin that helps with immune function, for example — as well as calcium and magnesium.

The aloe plant is super water-dense, so it prevents and treats dehydration. If you're working out, healing requires rehydration as the body requires more fluids to rid itself of lactic acid buildup. Add aloe vera to your diet as a post-workout drink to improve muscle recovery.

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