Aloe Rosemary - Anti-pigmentation & Brightening

Aloe Rosemary - Anti-pigmentation & Brightening

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Hello Aloe introduces a new effective and rapid solution to fading hyperpigmentation, dark spots and acne scars.  

Made of a base combination of my special citrus oil blend, rosemary herb and aloe vera elixir. These ingredients work overtime to restore skin, regenerate new skin cells and promote circulation to reveal a radiant, refined complexion in as little as 28 days.

After I began suffering with acne in my late 20’s the aftermath unfortunately left me with scarring and dark spots. Aloe Rosemary oil along with consuming Skin Purity Tea has definitely done the trick to fade dark spots and even out my skin tone.

Try it for yourself!

Aloe Rosemary oil can be used daily on all skin types, simply incorporate into your skincare regime. Apply and massage a thin layer onto the affected area after cleansing.

Use Mask one a week. 

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